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Here’s some great shots from the Bochum show on 24/01/15 from Jörg Müller of


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Metal Forces gives our debut 9/10!

“As debut albums go, it’s one of the best to emerge in 2014; God’s Army AD features racing rhythms and speeding drums, which in turn are spearheaded by a chunky bass and above all, searing hot vocal melodies that ascend above the debris. Continue reading Metal Forces gives our debut 9/10!

God’s Army back on stage in Germany!

God’s Army made a welcome return to the live arena on 25/01/2015 after a hiatus of nearly eight years! IMG_2855 The band were special guests of Scanner on the night who were launching their sixth album ‘The Judgment’. God’s Army are currently promoting their debut release on Massacre Records entitled ‘God’s Army A.D.’ IMG_2857 The band played a blistering forty minute set consisting mostly of songs from their debut album but they did include two, as of yet unreleased tracks which will feature on the follow up release in the near future. The full set-list was as follows:

  1. Intro (20 Century Fox Theme)
  2. The World that Never Was
  3. City Lights
  4. God’s Must be Crazy
  5. Time (Fall from Grace)
  6. Hear You Scream
  7. Drum solo & Wrathchild
  8. I Will Survive
  9. Running Around in Circles
  10. God’s Army

IMG_2861 God’s Army appeared onstage as a trio which surprised some as they were originally a four-piece outfit with two guitarists. As it turns out, however, they decided on the simpler format after Don Amiro, one of the original guitarists opted out of the re-union. Rather than trying to find a replacement they consolidated their strengths and presented their music in a ‘power trio’ format. The eager metal audience on the night were more than pleased with the results as they screamed for more at the end of the set!   IMG_2860There can be no doubt that God’s Army are back as a live force to be reckoned with! Keep an eye out later in the year for a show near you!IMG_2858